Mythocondro® is the first Non-Animal Chondroitin Sulfate of fermentation origin that guarantees:
  • Point-by-point controlled process with reliable and reproducible source of CS
  • High purity 99% by HPLC

Mythocondro® sulfation pattern is similar to human synovial fluid with homogeneous structure and physicochemical properties
  • Presence of sulfate groups in defined positions
  • Substantial absence of unusually sulfated and over-sulfated disaccharides

Mythocondro® has a low molecular weight with constant charge density and molecular mass parameters

Mythocondro® has demonstrated biological activity of +30% in arthritic score model, compared to pharmaceutical-grade animal CS.
Mythocondro® has clinically proven superior bioavailability thanks to an improved intestinal epithelial permeability of 43%
Mythocondro® is totally SAFE:
  • No toxicity in acute and chronic animal models
  • No prions or animal viruses
  • No natural contaminants
  • No adulterants
  • No possible adverse events
  • No Reduced CS Title
Mythocondro® is suitable for vegetarians and for people of all religions as it is Non-Animal derived and of natural origin
Mythocondro® offers use levels lower than those of animal CS, due to the increased bioavailability of 43%
Just 600 mg of Mythocondro® supports joint health, flexibility and mobility

The intended uses of and use levels of Mythocondro® are lower than those of animal CS, due to the increased bioavailability of 43%.
The new suggested dosage is of 600 mg/day and will meet more better the consumer compliance with a real cost saving for end-manufacturers and final consumers.
At the present time the dosage is under clinical confirmation through a comparative single dose (600 mg vs 1.200 mg) multicenter, prospective, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in human subjects affected by osteoarthrosis for 12 weeks.

Mythocondro® offers a once-a-day dosage alternative to larger CS pills that need to be taken 2 times a day.

Mythocondro® counts five international patents

Mythocondro® has been developed using pharmaceutical approach, tested for safety in protocols validated by OECD guidelines as used for pharmaceutical products in a Good Laboratory Practise (GLP) approved structure. The peerless innovations of the product derive from the revolutionary fermentation-based production process, capable to optimize physical and chemical characteristics of the raw material with direct consequence on purity, safety and efficacy.

Mythocondro® is characterized by a structured body of knowledge and strong intellectual property rights, which the brand name is the expression of.

    Mythocondro® counts five international patents based upon scientific advances:
  • PCT/EP2012/058654
  • US 8,609,394; US 8,771,992
  • US 8,664,196; EP217004
  • EP2852437; JP577036
  • EP2948160

Mythocondro® trademark is proprietary of Gnosis S.p.A. and is registered in the United States, Europe and other countries.

This represents a tangible benefit for manufacturers, able to claim exclusive ingredient on the label, through identity and "trade origin" recognition of non-animal CS used. The IP guarantees protection from “unfair” competition and possible infringement of existing patents.

Mythocondro® has GRAS Status for Food and Dietary Application. EFSA Novel Food submission in ongoing.

Intellectual Property and Mythocondro® Body of Knowledge are usually disclosed by Gnosis S.p.A. to its final worldwide partners. Our technical and commercial teams are available to evaluate specific requests and provide technical documents and scientific studies.

Mythocondro® versatile solution

Mythocondro® is manufactured with a unique and patented fermentation process resulting in a product with over 99% of purity and uncompromised quality. High-purity, odourless and tasteless, Mythocondro® is ideally suited for a broad range of products, from capsules and soft-gels for dietary supplements, to more complex applications in foods, beverages, animal nutrition and personal-care products.

The new suggested dosage will meet more better the formulation requirements of end-manufacturers and the compliance of final consumers with a real cost saving for both.

Mythocondro® is suitable to be included in finished products labelled for vegetarians and people with dietary restrictions related to religious and supply issues.