The Gnosis Group includes a European manufacturing network made up of three operating divisions located in Italy and Switzerland.

Manufacturing is the key step that allows Gnosis clients to have access to a broad range of products and applications.

The Corporate Headquarters in Desio (Milan, Italy) is organized in a R&D centre, which is equipped with modern research laboratories.

Manufacturing includes two pharmaceutical cGMP approved plants, our Sant'Antonino Operations known as Gnosis Bioresearch SA (Bellinzona, Switzerland) and our Pisticci Operations known as Gnosis Bioresearch Srl (Matera, Italy). Gnosis has integrated the value chain from the development to the commercialization of its products by combining outstanding R&D with advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Gnosis Spa - R&D Centre

The Corporate Headquarters in Desio is organized in a R&D Centre, Manufacturing Support and Commercial Operations.

Corporate key Operations provide support to facilities maintaining strong commitment to quality, safety, health and environmental responsability.

New product development is based on the integration of industrial microbiology, biofermentation, chemical synthesis and downstream processing, from bench to pilot scale, for successful scale-up in GMP manufacturing facilities.

Gnosis Bioresearch S.r.l.

The multipurpose plant encompasses fermentation-derived and chemical synthesis-derived products for the production of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and functional ingredients.

The manufacturing facility is successfully inspected by FDA.

Gnosis Bioresearch S.A.

Located in S. Antonino (CH), the manufacturing facility operates in the production of nutraceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients through extensive know and experience in biotech operations.

The site is successfully inspected by FDA.

The downstream processes are designed to meet environment, health and safety challenges by using water based purification technology.