Based on good five patents, the innovative production method of Mythocondro® is the natural biosynthesis from a specific, non-GMO bacterial strain that produces capsular polysaccharides, showing homology with the chain of biological chondroitin.

The chondroitin-like polysaccharide obtained after the fermentation undergoes regioselective sulfation, and shows the presence of sulfate groups in defined positions. The result of this innovative approach is the only Non-Animal CS, with homogeneous structure and the presence of sulfate groups in defined positions as well as found in chondroitin of human synovial fluid.

Mythocondro® is a real answer for people with dietary restrictions related to religious and supply issues where, up today, the use of chondroitin has been precluded because derived either from animals and from not controlled sources.

The new fermentation-derived manufacturing process is not reliant on the availability limitations typical of animal sources and/or concerns about the origin and fate of animals used.