Chondroitin Sulfate has a complex structure and even if all animal CS have an identical backbone, several studies indicate that the chemical composition (sulfation, overall charge density, nature of proteoglycans) and quality of CS changes with age of the animal, tissue, organ and it is specific for each species.

Furthermore, as well known, the biological and pharmacological properties may vary with the structure and the oral absorption may be influenced by the different physicochemical properties.

Animal-derived CS has high variability and different physical-chemical profile according to the various sources. As a result of the biosynthetic processes related to specific tissues and species, CS with different grades of polymerization may be biosynthesized producing macromolecules having various molecular weight, type and grade of sulfation, and polydispersity.

Heterogeneity issues

  • Possible cross–contamination (sources of different origin)
  • Age of the animal
  • Manufacturing processes

Also the variety of extraction and purification techniques may produce a final product with highly variable structure,not well identified origin and poor reproducibility with the consequence of variable grade of purity, biological effects, presence of contaminants, clinical efficacy and safety.

Mythocondro® is the pioneering Non-Animal CS of fermentation origin obtained through a patented and strictly regulated production process, that solves radically and definitely the long-standing, undisputed problems of poor quality and potential safety issues of animal-derived CS providing a definitely source of effective, clinically tested, safe and controlled CS.

Finally, the use of animal-derived source for producing commercial CS represents a concern also for vegetarians and people with dietary restrictions related to religious and supply issues. Religious reasons and/or the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products have precluded the introduction of CS dietary supplements both in key emerging markets (Middle East and Asia) and in consolidated markets (North America and Europe).

The contamination of CS means reduced CS title and possible adverse events.

The long and complex procedures of extraction and purification that characterize animal-derived CS attempt to eliminate other (macro)molecules present as natural contaminants. Nevertheless, the contamination of CS may derive from the same processes of extraction and purification carried out. Depending on the purification protocols, CS extracts may have a variable grade of purity due to the presence of not desired side-products.